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BCM Coach Andres began coaching me back in 2014. Thanks to his coaching I got the qualification to the IM 70.3 World Championships in Austria the year after. Even though I moved back to my home country (France), we decided to continue together with the plan to move to the next level, the IronMan full distance with a first attempt in 2017 (10h34 at Vichy IM 2017).
I really appreciate that he takes into account all my personal constraints to set up an efficient schedule.
His enthusiasm and positive attitude and knowledge have been of a tremendous help ! Thanks Coach !

Sebastien Stoffel

Aug25thFullSizeRender 4.jpg

" This summer was the first time in a long time I have had someone help me with my technique.  With Andres'          ( BCM Head Coach ) help, I accomplished my goals of winning 3 open water USMS National Championships in my age group, distances of 10 miles, 2 miles and 10 kilometers as well as winning the 1500 long course meter freestyle at USMS Long Course Nationals.  Thanks for all of your help Andres.  I look forward to continuing to work with you! "

Karen Einsidler


"Coach Andres has gone above and beyond for me. Not only is he an amazing triathlon coach, he is an all around awesome person. He helped me with my swim technique so much, and turned me into someone who could actually run well off the bike! He helped me achieve a World Championship slot in a really competitive race. I would recommend Coach Andres and the BCM Tri Club in a heartbeat!"

Jess Cooper


"Coach Andres at BCM is amazing and has helped me reach my marathon goals. I have been running since 1996 (completed 46 full marathons) and linked-up w/ Coach Andres a few years ago. His training and advice has helped me knock off over 1 Hour of my marathon times. I have moved from logging the training miles to training smart and efficiently. Coach Andres takes the time to help me understand the details of the training plan and the why's behind the training structure. Not only am I having fun w/ my training, but I can see the progress (even when I am getting older). A BIG Thanks for taking a chance on me and helping me achieve my marathon goals.

Paul Sullivan


"Coach Andres from BCM has been an incredible coach, friend, and advocate. With his help I completed my first marathon in November (NYC) in 3.5 hours and qualified for Boston. Before training with Andres, I was constantly injured with stress fractures from pushing myself too hard. Andres' advice and training plans have transformed my workouts. My training is more efficient, more enjoyable, and through this have learned the importance of consistency and taking it slow (as a result, I've managed to stay injury free, and have signed up for a triathlon and another marathon)! I can't thank Andres enough for his guidance and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a similar experience "

Ella Genasci Smith


" I cannot say enough about BCM and the sophistication of the training I received! I have worked with many coaches/trainers and none compare to Andres Herrera.  He is skilled at working with athletes at all levels and at all ages.  I started working with Andres to prepare for my first ever sprint triathlon.  Not only did I get into the best shape of my life, but when it came time for raceday, I was easily trained for the level of an Olympic race! The race seemed easy because Andres had prepared me so well! He is professional, knowledgeable, flexible in terms of logistics, reliable and fun to train with.  I recommend him and BCM without hesitation and with the highest praise! "

                 Jennifer Ashton, M.D.,                 co-host of The Doctors, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor: Good Morning America, author, mother, triathlete :-)


"My name is Efraim Yuhjtman and I have been running marathons for several years now. Two years ago I decided to take the next step and test my abilities in triathlons and although I finished them all with respectable times, I found it to be an extremely challenging race.  About five months ago I met Coach Andres Herrera, from BCM  and we began to work together. One thing is certain, I have never been more prepared both mentally and physically for a race than I am today, and I can honestly say that Andres was the biggest factor in helping me get to this mark. He is an excellent tutor and trainer in all the aspects that I am concerned with. He has a great work ethic, is very passionate about his job, and goes well beyond the ordinary duties of a coach. He really cares about my progress and is constantly challenging me to get to that next level. I was surprised as to how willing he is to help me and whenever I needed it, even if it extended beyond our scheduled time. Having Andres as a coach has made an evident difference for me and I have never felt more comfortable and confident to perform in my next race. I would proudly recommend Andres to anyone who wants to improve their trainings and gain that extra edge that we are all looking for."

Efraim Yuhjtman


"About 4 years ago, I decided I wanted to run my first marathon. I had no formal training before I met Andres and ran about maximum 5 miles at a time. Andres was patient, encouraging and tremendously supportive through the process. He taught me how to run, train and pace myself. My goal when I met Andres was to run in about 4 hours. I ended up beating my goal by 18 minutes and qualified for the Boston Marathon. I could not have done it without Andres. He was a fantastic coach and friend!"

Amanda Belkin Fiverson


Coach Andres at BCM is someone who really cares about his athletes and I can’t recommend him enough. I came to him a year ago not being able to swim 25 yards in the pool. He has since helped me to complete an Olympic distance triathlon, place in my age group at 2 sprints and a duathlon and we are training for a half Ironman now. His advice for my running form has helped me to get faster and allowed me to PR both 5K and 10K distances this year. To round everything out he has also helped me to improve my bike with tough targeted workouts to build strength and endurance. I can’t say enough good things about his coaching style and technique!

Barbara Goranson

Testimonials: Testimonials
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