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Pieta Cedaro


Pieta Cedaro became an accredited practicing dietitian (APD) and member of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) after graduating from Queensland University of Technology in 2002 with First Class Honors in Bachelor of Health Science-Nutrition &Dietetics.
After finishing her undergraduate degree she was a PhD candidate investigating antioxidant (flavonoid) intake and the aging and disease process in Australian women.
Pieta has worked in a range of medical nutrition areas in particular food intolerances and allergies, gastro disorders, weight management and sports nutrition. She continues to work with hundreds of athletes from age groupers through to elites -nationally and internationally. She specializes in endurance sports working predominantly with cyclists, triathletes, and marathon runners but has also worked with elite swimmers, boxers, footballers, racing car driver, and golfers to customize their training and racing/match day performance.
Pieta manages to juggle a busy private dietetic practice, consulting commitments to food companies and corporate institutions, public speaking engagements and writes for a numerous Australian publications and websites whilst still finding time to prepare healthy, nutritious and tasty meals for her family. She’s no super woman, simply well organized and happy to share her knowledge.
Pieta has a true passion for, and knowledge of, food.  It is one thing to know the scientific basis of sound nutrition but something completely different to convert that knowledge into nourishing, delicious, practical day to day eating plans. Her true passion is making healthy everyday food choices as easy and as enjoyable as possible for all ages.


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